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Architecture and Urban Planning - A Memoir \ David Best
III 1970 - 1980
 The third was setting up a separate planning office, in order to prepare a new town planning scheme for the Central Business District of the united city of Jerusalem.

   In the south of the country in Arad, my second neighbourhood of Avishur was being completed and the Ministry of Housing asked me to prepare a third residential quarter of 1500 dwelling units to be called “Chalamish”.  In the far north of the country on the Golan Heights, I was asked to prepare two projects.  One was a regional development for the "Nov" group of moshavim and kibbutzim.  A very different commission was a highly secret project.  It was to be the rebuilt town of Kunietra near the Syrian border, for a population of 30,000 people.  These works came into the office within a year.  My staff grew eventually to about 25, distributed in 4 offices.  I didn't change my little green Saab, but I had to have a driver to whisk me from one place to another. I was embarking on the most intensive period of urban design and the most impotant architectural projects of my career.  My gamble of investing all my savings in a period of study at M.I.T. seemed to have paid off in a way I had never anticipated.

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