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Architecture and Urban Planning - A Memoir \ David Best
IV 1980 - 1990
In Israel the economic depression was dispersing, together with the sharp increase of immigration from behind the Iron Curtain.   Plans that I had prepared in the early 80's were now about to be executed and new additions to existing public buildings were being discussed.  The break which I had taken and the delightful time which I had in Cyprus had been more than opportune, but a new period was about to unfold.  What I needed now was a few good months' holiday, but they told me in the office that I had just had one. Soon the merry-go-round would start up again, and I would be bobbing up and down from site to site, meeting to meeting, finishing off presentations late into the night, rehearsing lectures in the car on my way to the Technion, or to the Ministry of Housing, or other planning meetings.  I thought of Mr. Kokia, where was Mr. Kokia now?  I no longer had someone who could have asked me again “Mr. Best, what makes you run?” and if I had found such an elegant interlocutor, I doubt if I would have had an answer for him yet; not yet!

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