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Architecture and Urban Planning - A Memoir \ David Best
V 1990 - 2002
 Its purpose was not only to separate the housing from a type of trees, which we knew thought might be source of elegies for some residents, but also to provide a special type of ‘educational park’, containing a wide range of local botanical specimens. This would be a citywide facility that would encourage people from other neighbourhoods to mingle with the newcomers.  Generally we tried to give a particular theme to all the sub-neighbourhood parks, with specific reference to the activities of the younger section of residents, and not only the same quiet bucolic gardens that seem to over- proliferate in some neighbourhoods. 

   These images I can already envisage in my mind’s eye, as the earth moving equipment goes to work.  But it will take three years at least before the residents will get settled in and maybe more for the trees to grow up and humanize the built environment  About Yokneam, as I proclaim on the completion of every one of the new neighbourhoods that I have planned;  “This latest one will surely be onr of my best projects!“

   What is certen is that it is a very different urban concept and professional achievement to those that I had aleady planed and seen built; in Arad and Jerusalem's East Talpiot It was, I believed, a higher quality of urban planning : - and my only hope was that I  would still have the opportunity at lest to see Yokneam realised and populated Then  the opportunity to plan other new neighbourhoods at the beginning of the new century It will be a hope  not in vain, as I will be asked by the Housing Ministry to plan a new town in the area of Gush Etzion to be located on a hilly site  and on another part of the Jerusalem hills; a large extension to Zur Hadassah, a town which is already under construction .But before this I will have to get through a patch of bad health before these will get onto the drawing boards.But at least I  Will  be  able to put my mark on the the 21st century!

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