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Urban planning - the working process
Yokne’am - Sha’ar hagay neighborhood
A three dimensional concept development
In order to control the urban planning concept the planner uses a general sketch that helps him to consolidate the essence of the reality he envisioned in his mind.
A geometrical net
An orthogonal net is the dominant form. The flexible division is in accordance with the building typology
רשת גאומטרית
High building policy
Determining the building height in accordance with the topography and the nature of the site.
מדיניות בניה לגובה
Visual influence of landmarks
The geographical memory holds a major role in the process of urban orientation.
äùôòä çæåúéú ùì ð÷åãåú öéåï
Roads and traffic
The hierarchy of roads relates to the diffrent levels of traffic.
כבישים ותחבורה
Walking distances from bus stops
מרחקי הליכה מתחנות אוטובוס
Pedestrian system
Pavements along roads and passages adjacent to green and public areas.
מערכת הולכי רגל
The different characteristics of roads
Views from the roads, through which they are adapted to the characters of the different residential districts and perceived by its residence and guests alike.
האופי החזותי של הרחובות
Internal and external views
The internal and external views create visual surprises within the urban context.
מבט פנים וחוץ
A system of open pblic spacs
The hierarchy of open public spaces based on an orthogonal net creates movement, accessibility and orientation.
מערכת שטחים ציבוריים פתוחים